Glacier Activities

Hike through snowy landscapes, snowmobile across ancient ice or step inside a natural ice cave on a Glacier Activity tour. Those who are ready to wrap up warm to explore one of Iceland’s many glaciers — including Europe’s biggest, Vatnajökull — should not let these fantastic Glacier Activities pass them by. Check out our selection of frosty adventures below.

3 hour Glacier hike in Skaftafell

About our Glacier Activities

Glaciers cover about 11% of Iceland’s landmass. These enormous ice caps cover mountains, valleys, and even volcanoes. 

Traveo’s Glacier Activities allow you to explore these ice giants by way of snowmobiling tours, ice cave excursions or glacier hikes.

In the company of a trained glacier guide, you’ll learn how to navigate on top of a glacier, be it on foot or snowmobile.

The guides will also tell you fascinating facts about Iceland’s glaciers, from how they are formed to the dangers they face. 

The most popular glaciers for these excursions are Mýrdalsjökull, Langjökull, and Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull. 

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier is found on Iceland’s south coast, next to the infamous volcano Eyjafjallajökull. An outlet glacier of Mýrdalsjökull called Sólheimajökull is a popular glacier hiking spot, but here you can also find snowmobiling tours as well as the Katla Ice Caves.

Langjökull Glacier is located in West-Iceland. Snowmobiling tours here are a popular addition for those exploring the Golden Circle, as there is a highland route to the glacier accessible from Gullfoss Waterfall. Those travelling the West often choose to include a visit to the man-made Ice Cave Tunnels found within Langjökull. 

Vatnajökull Glacier is located in the South-West corner of Iceland, within its namesake national park. Glacier hiking tours here usually depart from Skaftafell Nature Reserve, but those looking to explore Vatnajökull’s beautiful blue ice caves will have to make their way to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon for their departure.

What's Included in a Glacier Activity Tour

Use of all safety gear needed is included on a Glacier Activity. This means crampons, helmets and pickaxes for glacier hikes and ice caving tours, and helmets and overalls for snowmobiling tours.

For snowmobiling tours and ice cave excursions, transfer from a designated meeting point to the glacier is also included.

If transfer from Reykjavík is included, it will be stated in the individual tour description under the “Included” section.

What to Wear on a Glacier Activity Tour

Since you are about to explore a landscape filled with nothing but frost and ice, it is important that you wear warm clothes. Wear layers of clothing so that you can take some off if you get too hot.

Proper shoes are also essential. Preferably, you should wear shoes that cover your ankles. Not only will it be more comfortable, but the crampons will fit better. Make sure the soles of your shoes have a good grip, you are about to walk on ice after all. 

Thin hat to fit under your helmet is a must, as well as gloves, scarves and thick socks. 

It is also a good idea to bring sunscreen and sunglasses. The low sunlight can make it hard to see in the winter, and the sun often reflects in the ice, making it easy for people to burn.

Frequently asked questions

No. Glaciers can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. To go on a glacier, you need proper safety equipment and know the safest routes. Every glacier is different, and they are continually changing. The glacier guides on our tours examine the glacier every day and look for new cracks, fissures or anything that might make them alter their route. So, although you might have done a glacier activity before, that doesn’t mean that you have the experience to go on a glacier hike alone. If being alone is what you want, we can organize private tours for you or recommend excursions that go in very small groups.

Yes! Not all activities are available year-round, but glacier hiking, snowmobiling and some ice caves are open in both summer and winter.

That all depends on what activity you plan to do and how much time you have. Langjökull and Mýrdalsjökull are best for snowmobiling tours, Mýrdalsjökull and Vatnajökull offer Glacier Hikes, and all three have ice caves (although Langjökull’s caves are man-made). Vatnajökull is furthest from Reykjavík, and it will take you around two days to get there. However, Mýrdalsjökull and Langjökull can both be accessible on a day tour from Reykjavík. 

Yes, all Glacier Activities have an age limit, but it is different for each tour. So make sure to check the age limit in the tour description before booking.

Yes. With the right safety gear and accompanied by a trained guide, glacier hiking in Iceland is a perfectly safe activity. 

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