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At the heart of this Sustainability Policy is Traveo´s mission to take active measures to protect the natural environment and minimize the negative impact tourism can have on our destinations.

We recognise that the natural environment of our country is our greatest asset. It is fundamental to our continuous growth and viability that the environment is managed in a sustainable way.

Our ambition is to develop more responsible practices and use long-term planning as a guiding principle in all aspects of our work.

We understand the impact that our operations may have. For that reason, we seek to proactively ensure that we are as locally sustainable as possible. This is to maintain biodiversity, avoid damaging our natural environment and create value for the company itself, society, and the environment.


Traveo is affiliated with Travelife, an internationally acknowledged program encompassing training, management, and certification for sustainable tourism. Recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Travelife employs a three-stage approach, with Traveo currently progressing toward the second stage, Travelife Partner.

To consistently monitor and assess our sustainability progress, we utilize the Travelife action planning tool. Oversight and periodic reviews of our Sustainability Policy are the responsibilities of our sustainability coordinator.

United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development

Aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Traveo Iceland actively commits to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. These goals center on the three pillars of sustainable development: economy, society, and the environment. Our Sustainability Policy is strategically centered around targets relevant to our operations to ensure dedicated participation in achieving these goals.


Specifically addressing the environmental component of our Sustainability Policy, Traveo aligns with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: 

  • Responsible Consumption and Production

Our objective is to minimize waste across all our operations through the adoption of effective waste management practices: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Since its establishment in 2019, Traveo has operated as a paperless business, prioritizing the electronic creation and distribution of all documents, from accounting to signatures, travel documents, and brochures—eliminating the need for printing altogether.

Within our office, we actively participate in recycling initiatives for paper, plastic, bottles, cans, and aluminum. Additionally, we exclusively procure environmentally friendly cleaning products. To further reduce waste, employees are encouraged to utilize reusable water glasses and coffee cups.

  • Affordable and Clean Energy

Our office in Iceland exclusively utilizes electricity and central heating sourced from renewable energy. The majority of Iceland’s energy is derived from renewable sources—approximately 70% from hydropower plants and 30% from geothermal energy. Specifically, 90% of Iceland’s central heating relies on geothermal energy, complemented by approximately 10% from electricity.

  • Clean water and sanitation, Climate action, Life below water & Life on Land 

Preserving the natural environment is our utmost priority, benefiting both us and our visitors. Operating in a sustainable manner safeguards ecosystems, sustaining biodiversity on land and underwater.

Through sustainable practices and partnerships with like-minded operators, we collectively reduce our environmental footprint and that of our clients. This commitment contributes to climate action, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment.

Traveo is dedicated to embracing responsible practices and fostering trust through transparent communication with suppliers, local communities, and customers. We prioritize suppliers with recognized sustainability certifications and actively support environmentally conscious local accommodations. Across all our destinations, we actively encourage and guide visitors to treat the environment with care and respect.

Social responsibility

Traveo is deeply committed to fulfilling its responsibility to destinations, communities, and the environment, a commitment integral to our operations. Our social responsibility revolves around supporting and enhancing sustainable tourism in all the destinations where we operate and offer tours.

By doing so, we actively contribute to promoting cultural diversity and creating diverse employment opportunities in local communities. Our efforts extend to strengthening both urban and remote economies.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals relevant to the social responsibility aspect of our Sustainability Policy include: 

  • Good health and well-being

Traveo prioritizes work-life balance with a policy promoting employee well-being through measures like flexible working hours, a hot-desking office space, working from home and a 7-hour workday. We foster a welcoming and equal atmosphere, treating employees with respect and creating a pleasant working environment.

  • Gender equality

Traveo’s commitment to equality aligns with legal standards, prioritizing equal rights for all. Our goal is to provide equal opportunities, cultivating an inclusive work environment that nurtures work-life balance and individual development. We value employees regardless of gender or other protected characteristics, evaluating based on pertinent skills and experience. Upholding equal status and rights for all genders, our decisions on remuneration, recruitment, and professional development adhere to neutral and unbiased practices.

  • Decent work and economic growth

Tourism serves as a cornerstone for the economies of many destinations, influencing their social and natural landscapes. This places a heightened responsibility on Traveo to adopt a sustainable approach across all our operations.

We meticulously select local suppliers that adhere to rigorous standards, ensuring the safety quality and comfort of our clients. Traveo actively combats tourism leakage by prioritizing local businesses, such as accommodations and restaurants, directing revenue back into the communities we serve.

Our tour marketing strategies prioritize actively reducing the negative impact of tourism on local and natural environments—an integral aspect of our business. We continually innovate, developing products and processes to minimize the impact of travel on local environments and residents while highlighting the positive contributions of tourism.

Listening to local communities is central to our approach. Understanding environmental concerns and the impact of tourism on daily life informs our education efforts for visitors. Traveo ensures that all marketing materials are transparent, with staff delivering only what we can confidently provide to our clients. Our commitment to responsible tourism is a driving force in supporting the well-being of both the destinations and their residents.


Future goals

At Traveo, the pursuit of improvement is ingrained in our ethos. Recognizing that there’s always room for advancement, especially in sustainability, we consistently strive to surpass our own standards. This commitment drives our ongoing efforts to make our operations more sustainable and reduce our environmental impact continually.

For questions or comments about our Sustainability Policy, please contact our sustainability coordinator, Jonathan Guisset at jonathan(at)traveo.is


  • Download our public reporting on Traveo Sustainability HERE.
  • Download our Travelife Sustainability Policies HERE.
  • Download the list of illegal souvenirs HERE.
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