Our Mission

At Traveo, we understand that you are not just another customer, but a unique individual with specific tastes and ambitions. As an agency, we distinguish ourselves by catering to personal criteria, guaranteeing that each of our travellers experiences Iceland in their own way, and at their own pace.

With easy on-site tour comparison and flexible payment options, booking a tour in Iceland has never been more straightforward. Once your tour with us is confirmed, we will provide you with a personalised itinerary that lays out each step of your vacation—with room for exploration, of course. 24/7 customer service is available to those with queries, both before and during your trip.

Here at Traveo, we believe that your time on holiday in Iceland is valuable. Thankfully, all the exciting tours and excursions listed on our site are handpicked by local Iceland experts, ensuring one’s time here is maximised with only the very best experiences. 

Who We Are

Founded by passionate, local experts with decades of experience in the industry, Traveo is a Reykjavík-based travel agency dedicated to providing guests with the best experiences in Iceland. 

We offer tailor-made tours, including self-drives, partially guided and privately guided tours, all catered to your personal taste. This guarantees that each of our customers experiences Iceland in their own unique way.

We also provide you with up-to-date travel information and answer the most commonly asked questions about Iceland’s biggest attractions, as well as share a few secrets about our favourite local places and activities.


At Traveo, although we may be a small team, our enthusiasm for sustainable travel is great. As passionate advocates for eco-conscious adventures, we are deeply committed to promoting responsible tourism. Operating from our cozy, green, and paperless office, we embark on a mission to explore Iceland responsibly.

Our unwavering dedication to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility is reflected in our pursuit of accolades such as the prestigious Travelife certification and various other eco awards. We carefully select partners who share our eco-friendly values, ensuring that every aspect of your journey aligns with our commitment to the environment.

We invite all our travelers to join us in preserving the beauty of our stunning island, adhering to the motto ‘Keep Iceland Beautiful!’ Together, let’s embark on a journey that leaves a positive impact on the country we love.

Why Book With Us

Our Services

Off-the-beaten-path Tours

Leave the crowds behind and discover a side of Iceland only the locals know about.

Privately Guided Packages

Enjoy the luxury of a privately guided tour of Iceland with your own personal guide, and experience Iceland from a local’s perspective.

Tailor Made Tours

Customise your adventure in Iceland precisely to your specifications and experience the land of ice and fire in your own unique way.

Small Group Guided Packages

Discover the beauty of Iceland with a professional guide while still having the freedom to explore on your own.

Self-Drive Packages

Get behind the wheel and create your own adventure in Iceland. Let us take care of the arrangements and simply enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Our Certifications

Meet Our Team

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Chief Executive Officer

Svanhildur Sif Halldórsdóttir

Chief Content Officer

Sverrir Ómar Ingason

Chief Operating Officer

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