Iceland Day Tours & Activities

Find top-rated day tours and activities in Iceland with this selection of trips from our trusted partners. Here, you’ll find glacier hiking tours, northern lights excursions, whale watching trips, and many more, all catered to adventure-seekers. Explore our selection of tours from our hand-picked travel partners below.

ATV tour on black sand beach

About Our Partner Tours

Unlike our Packages — which includes Self-Drive Tours and Guided Tours — Day Tours & Activities do not include overnight stays. These are adrenaline-surging, informative or relaxing activities that last between one and 14 hours. 

These tours and activities are perfect for those who already have their accommodation and transportation booked but want to spice their holiday in Iceland with an adventure or two.

We offer full-day sightseeing tours where you’ll explore such fantastic regions as the Golden Circle, Snæfellsnes Peninsula or Iceland’s South Coast. 

You can also find activities that will get your heart pumping, such as snowmobiling on glaciers, helicopter rides, and snorkelling tours in Silfra Fissure.

If you’d rather add a relaxing tour to your vacation, we’ve got you covered with our options of geothermal spas and swimming pools. 

You can also find a wide selection of fun-filled and informative tours such as visits to museums, whale watching excursions and ice caving tours, and, of course, northern lights tours.

Who Are Our Partners?

Our partners are companies that we know well and trust. These are tour operators who have been in the business for years and maintained a good reputation. 

We know that your time in Iceland is valuable. That is why we’ve hand-picked these companies to make sure you’ll only receive the best experience available. 

We at Traveo have worked in travel for decades, and during this time, we’ve gotten to know other players in the industry. We’ve formed partnerships with only the ones we’ve deemed trustworthy, based on their business conduct and reputation, thus providing you with only quality tours and activities.

Frequently asked questions

That depends on the tour. Each tour is different and has a different group size. The size of the tour can usually be found in the “Good to Know” section of each tour. Most of our partners operate small group tours.

It is for some but not others, you can see if it is included in the price by looking at the “Included” section of the tour.

Yes, you can change the date of your tour after booking. You can do that up to 24 hours prior to departure and you can do so by sending us an email. Note that changes will always depend on availability.

What to bring on a Day Tour depends on what sort of tour you are doing. In most cases, it is best to wear layers of warm clothes which are both wind and waterproof. Proper shoes are also a must, especially when doing a Glacier Activity or in the winter. Your shoes should cover your ankles and have a good grip. Detailed information about what you should bring can be found in the description of each tour under “What to Bring”.

If a tour is cancelled by the tour operator, you will get a refund for your tour. As we are not always aware that tours are being cancelled by tour operators (some cancellations are happening last minute or the tour operator doesn’t notify us), we kindly ask you to send us an email to ask for your refund.

If you miss your pick up, your tour provider will most likely try to contact you directly. This is why it is crucial that you provide us with your contact information that the provider can use to contact you on that day. If you realise that you will be late, we always recommend that you contact the tour provider directly as this will make communication faster by eliminating the middleman and increase your chance to still get on the tour. If you decide to contact us anyway, we will do our best to help you. It is important to note that, if after trying all that is possible, you still don’t get on the tour, nor us or the tour provider are in any obligation to provide you with a refund or postpone your tour.

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