Book cheap, fast and convenient transfers between Keflavík International Airport and Reykjavík or the Blue Lagoon. Iceland Transfers are perfect for those looking to get from point A to point B without any hassle. Explore our section of different transportation options below, from private airport transfers to coach buses to the Highlands.

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About Our Iceland Transfers

Our Iceland Transfers are designed to get you from point A to point B in a convenient, hassle-free way. Here, you’ll find both one-way and roundtrip transfers between the capital city of Reykjavík and some of the most popular destinations in Iceland. These include Keflavík International Airport, the Blue Lagoon, and the Icelandic Highlands.

You will find both public and private transportations here. The coach buses offer a cheap but convenient alternative way to explore Iceland, as well as freedom, since you will not be bound by tour groups or guides. Private transfers provide you with a more personal touch. They are a great way to discover Iceland in comfort, luxury and style.

International Airport Transfers

Here you will find a variety of transport options between Keflavík International Airport and Reykjavík City.

The airport is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, which is about a 45-minute drive from the capital. It is surrounded by an ancient lava field which makes the drive between the city and airport very scenic.

The coach bus transfers are an economical way to travel between Keflavík Airport and the city. The best way for those on a budget is between the airport and the BSÍ bus terminal. For more convenience, it is possible to upgrade the ride to include a pick-up or a drop-off at your accommodation in the city.

Private transfers offer more comfort and luxury and include a pick-up or drop-off at your accommodation.

En route to the airport is the Blue Lagoon Spa. It is possible to include a stop there on your way to the airport. That way, you’ll arrive for your flight feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Domestic Airport Transfers

The Domestic Airport in Reykjavík is located in the downtown area. The best way to get from the airport to your hotel is via taxi or a public bus. The bus is the cheapest option, but it can be cumbersome when travelling with luggage. If your accommodation is close by, the taxi might not be that much more expensive than the bus.

Blue Lagoon Transfers

Those looking to visit the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon Spa can book a transfer here. Please note that a ticket to the Lagoon might not be included, only the transfer. Read the “Included” section of each individual tour to see if entry to the spa is included or not.

The Blue Lagoon is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, midway between Reykjavík and Keflavík International Airport. It is a convenient and popular detour for those travelling between the city and the airport. It is also possible to book a roundtrip to the Blue Lagoon from Reykjavík.

Icelandic Highland Bus Transfers

The Highlands of Iceland are a large uninhabited area of volcanoes, hot springs, lava fields, glaciers, black sands, lakes, and forests.

Here you can find coach bus transfers to both Landmannalaugar — a geothermal area with hot springs and colourful mountains — as well as Þórsmörk or “Thor’s Valley”. These regions are popular amongst hikers in the summer and offer visitors a rare glimpse into one of Europe’s largest unpopulated areas.

Please note that there are no guides for the Icelandic Highland Bus Transfers, only a ride to and from a designated bus stop. If you are looking for a guided tour of this remote region, check out Highland Tours.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, there are still Airport Transfers operating in Iceland during COVID-19. The FlyBus Airport Transfer is operating every day in connection with Keflavík Airport’s flight schedule, except countries that are considered high-risk. The FlyBus will stop in front of the BSÍ bus terminal but it is not possible to enter the terminal itself. Private transfers are available upon request.

  • Your safety is the top priority of all those operating Airport Transfers. Each transfer company is operating within the safety protocols of the Icelandic Health Authorities. All vehicles are disinfected after each trip, and drivers wear masks and gloves for both yours and their protection. Passengers must wear a facemask that covers both their mouth and nose, and wear it from the time they board the vehicle to the time they disembark.
  • Private transfers are a more luxurious and comfortable way to travel between Reykjavík, Keflavík Airport and the Blue Lagoon. You will be picked-up or dropped off at your accommodation in the city and there are no extra stops along the way. Coach Transfers are more economical than Private Transfers. However, they take a little longer, you might have to change buses if you’ve requested to be picked up or dropped off at your accommodation or you will need to make your own way to or from the BSÍ bus terminal.

Airport Bus Transfers are currently operating in connection with the Keflavík Airport’s flight schedule. A bus will be waiting outside shortly after your flight lands. Currently, the bus leaves approximately every 2 hours. Private transfers are available upon request and there is no wait necessary.

It is possible to book your airport transfer in advance. You will receive an open ticket, which means that you can board the next bus to the city. Currently, the bus services are running in connection with the flight schedule so if your flight is delayed, the bus will wait.

Yes, it is. You need to be at the airport at least two hours before your flight’s departure, so just make sure to schedule your trip to the lagoon with that in mind. Please note that entry to the lagoon does not come with a Blue Lagoon Transfer.

It is unlikely that you will be able to go to the Blue Lagoon or the eruption on your way from the airport. All those who enter Iceland need to take a PCR test at the airport — even those with a vaccination or antibody certificate. You need to quarantine while you wait for your test results, which can take from just a couple of hours up to 24 hours. You are, however, free to visit the Blue Lagoon or the eruption on your way back to the airport.

Yes, all Airport Transfers have seatbelts which you are required to use according to Icelandic law.



You have to be at the airport at least two hours before your flight. If you are taking the FlyBus coach bus, book it for at least 3 hours before your flight. You can book a private transfer around 2 and a half hours before your flight.

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