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Get to know Iceland’s history, nature, and culture on a fun and informative tour. Iceland’s Museums & Exhibitions are perfect for those looking to understand more about volcanoes, Vikings, whales, and other wonders of this captivative country. Check out our selection of fascinating Museum & Exhibitions Tours below.

Traditional turf houses and an old church in South Iceland
Exploring Iceland’s History: A Visit to Keldur Turf Farm in South Iceland
From 1,500 kr. /pp.
The front of the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik on a sunny day.
Entry to the National Museum of Iceland
From 2,500 kr. /pp.
A guide standing in front of a group of people inside a cemetery in Reykjavik, Iceland
Tales of Trolls and Elves: A Folklore Walking Tour of Reykjavik
From 4,980 kr. /pp.
People in front of Iceland's Parliament Building on a cloudy day.
Private Reykjavík Walking Tour: A Journey Through Icelandic Folklore
From 29,900 kr. /pp.
Two beluga whales in water at beluga sanctuary in the Westman Islands, Iceland
Whales, Puffins, & Aquarium: Visit to the SeaLife Trust Sanctuary in Iceland
From 3,325 kr. /pp.
Entry to the Lava Show in Reykjavik | See Real Molten Lava
Entry to the Lava Show in Reykjavik | See Real Molten Lava
From 5,900 kr. /pp.
A family walking down a rainbow street under Christmas decorations in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Christmas Walking Tour of Reykjavik
From 5,990 kr. /pp.
Entry to the Icelandic Lava Show in Vik Village | Including Real Molten Lava
Entry to the Icelandic Lava Show in Vik Village | Including Real Molten Lava
From 5,900 kr. /pp.
Entry to FlyOver Iceland - Virtual Flight Ride in Reykjavik
Entry to FlyOver Iceland – Virtual Flight Ride in Reykjavik
From 4,990 kr. /pp.
A hand holding up a phone displaying a self-guided tour app at a geothermal exhibition in Iceland.
ON Geothermal Exhibition: Harnessing Green Energy in Iceland
From 2,190 kr. /pp.
Visit the Wonders of Iceland Exhibition at Perlan Museum in Reykjavik
From 4,690 kr. /pp.
Visit the Whales of Iceland Exhibition in Reykjavik
Visit the Whales of Iceland Exhibition in Reykjavik
From 3,400 kr. /pp.
Inside the Whales of Iceland museum you can see life sized whales hanging from the ceiling

About Museums & Exhibitions in Iceland

Museums & Exhibitions in Iceland are microcosms of this little island; they serve as an archive of Icelanders’ history through artefacts and artwork. They engage, educate, and inspire interest both of the local community as well as visitors to this beautiful country.

Many Museums & Exhibitions in Iceland are interactive, allowing visitors to learn about nature, history, and culture in a fun and entertaining way in the language of their choosing.

Why Visit a Museum or Exhibition in Iceland

If you are looking to get to know Iceland in-depth — find out how our active environment works, learn about the Viking settlers or what wildlife can be found here — then the best way to do so is with a visit to a Museum or an Exhibition.

When travelling, one often does not have time to see and do all the things one wants to. However, by visiting a Museum or Exhibition, you can save time and maximise your knowledge of this country to understand it better.

Furthermore, Museum & Exhibition allow you to see things with your own eyes you usually wouldn’t be able to on your own. In essence, they give you exclusive access to Iceland’s past, present, and future.

This is all beside the feeling of awe one often experiences when visiting a Museum or an Exhibition. Seeing a beautiful work of art in person allows you to admire the brightness of colours or the brush strokes better. Staring at an artefact held by a Viking settler might make you think about all the similarities you two might share even though a thousand years separate you.

We live in an era where it is normal to post pictures of the things you do on social media. Visiting a Museum or an Exhibition in Iceland allows you to get that perfect Instagram shot easily. Did you go on a whale-watching trip but couldn’t get a picture of a whale? Check out The Whales of Iceland Exhibition and pose in front of an adorable beluga whale. You could also post a picture of you with flowing lava behind you at the Lava Centre or inside a well-lit ice cave at Perlan Museum. The possibilities are endless.

Frequently asked questions

Most Museums & Exhibitions don’t have an age limit, and entry is often free for children under a certain age. However, some exhibitions are not suitable for young children. When there is a minimum age to visit a museum or an exhibition, it will be clearly stated in the museum’s tour page under the “Good to Know” section.

Depending on which museum you choose, you might need to bring a smartphone if you wish to use the audio guide app. 

Some museums and exhibitions will have a guided tour at certain times of the day. If and when a guided tour is available, it will be clearly stated in each museum’s description text. 

All staff at Iceland’s Museums and Exhibition speak English; some speak more languages as well. Informational plaques and audio guides are available in English, and other languages, the most common ones are Danish, German, French, Polish, Spanish, and Chinese.


Most of them are, yes. The biggest and most popular exhibitions are wheelchair accessible. If you need assistance, let us know, and we can do our best to accommodate. 

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