Snowmobile & Buggy Tours

Feel the adrenaline rush on a speedy Snowmobiling & Buggy Tour. This is the perfect option for adventure-seekers looking to go off-road to explore Iceland’s glacial and volcanic landscapes. Check out our selection of rollicking rides below.

two ATV's on a black sand beach in the south of Iceland

About Snowmobile & Buggy Tours

Snowmobile and Buggy Tours in Iceland provide you with a unique and exciting way to explore this country’s beautiful nature. Available both in winter and summer, both of these thrilling activities allow guests to go off the beaten path and deep into the Icelandic wilderness.

After riding through moss-covered lava fields, vibrant woodlands, black sand beaches, or atop a glacier, you’ll get the opportunity to stop and enjoy the breathtaking scenery before you (as well as snap a few photos).

Snowmobile & Buggy Tours in Iceland are two activities best characterised as safe, informative and unforgettable. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders alike. Children can ride as passengers with licenced drivers, making these excursions family-friendly as well.

Snowmobile Tours in Iceland

Snowmobile Tours in Iceland will take you riding atop one of the country’s many glaciers. In between knuckle-racing dashes across the snow, where you’ll stop to appreciate the endless, untouched nature around you. 

Most Snowmobile Tours will take you to either Langjökull Glacier or the ice cap of Mýrdalsjökull. The former is located in West Iceland but can be accessed through a Highland road from Gullfoss Waterfall, making it a popular addition for those on a Golden Circle sightseeing tour.

Mýrdalsjökull, on the other hand, is located in South Iceland, between the beautiful waterfall Skógafoss and the black sand beach of Reynisfjara. Snowmobiling here is a great way to break up a sightseeing trip on the South Coast.

Depending on which glacier you choose, the duration of Snowmobile Tours is between 1-2 hours and the minimum age between 6-8 years. Children are allowed to ride as passengers and drivers must hold a valid driving license. 

ATV & Buggy Tours in Iceland

ATV & Buggy Tours can take place at various locations around the country; from just outside the city limits of Reykjavík to remote forests in East Iceland. As part of these experiences, you’ll drive through rough and rocky terrain, only adding to the fun. 

Both ATV’s and Buggies are designed as off-road vehicles and can be used in similar situations.  

All-Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs, are also known as four-wheelers or quad bikes; they are motorised, with four wheels and a bike handlebar for steering, accelerating, and breaking. Buggies are a car-like vehicle with a built-in roll cage, a steering wheel, and pedals. 

Both Buggy and ATV tours are generally double ride, which is where two people share a vehicle. On Buggy Tours, they sit side by side while on ATV Tours, one person sits behind the other. Single rides are available with a single-rider fee. 

Tours generally take between 1-2 hours, and the minimum age is between 6-8 years, depending on location and type of tour.

Frequently asked questions

No, you do not. Your guide will show you how to operate the vehicles before the tour begins.

Yes, as long as you are in the company of a trained glacier guide and follow their instructions. 

No, only a valid driving license. A learner’s permit, tractor, or motorcycle license is not sufficient. However, those without a valid driving license can ride as passengers.

Many geothermal pools are centred around a natural hot spring. The source of the water is the same but Icelanders have built facilities for ease of access and control of the temperatures. Later, other amenities have been added, such as saunas, swim-up bars, and massage facilities. 

Off-road driving is illegal in Iceland and can result in a heavy fine. However, ATV and Buggy Tours follow a designated trail specially created for this purpose, making it perfectly legal. 

Wear warm layers of clothes and good shoes. You will be provided with overalls which will keep you warm on Snowmobiling Tours and clean from mud on ATV/Buggy Tours. You will also get a helmet but bringing a thin beanie to wear underneath is also a good idea. 

No. Rain only adds to the fun, especially on ATV/Buggy Tours. Driving through puddles and in mud is half the fun. 

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