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Head into the countryside to witness the elusive Aurora Borealis dance around the night sky. Northern Lights Tours are perfect for winter visitors to Iceland keen on seeing one of nature’s most awe-inspiring displays. Check out our selection of Northern Lights Tours below.

The Northern Lights shine over a travelling couple

About Northern Lights Tours in Iceland

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are a natural, astronomical phenomenon found only in the northern hemisphere. Charged particles from the sun sometimes get trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field. When that happens, we get this colourful show of dancing lights we call the Northern Lights.

To witness this celestial display, you need clear skies and darkness. Both natural and artificial light — like the one from street lamps and houses — will weaken your view of the Northern Lights, which is why you cannot see them during the day time and in the summer when Iceland has 24 hours of daylight. That is why Northern Lights Tour will take you away from bright city lights and into the blackened countryside. 

The Northern Lights appear in a variety of colours, with bright green being the strongest. Altitude affects the Auroras’ colours, at 100 km (60 mi), you’ll see blue-violet or red colours, green at around 100-240 km (60-150 mi), and above that, ruby reds will appear. 

Clouds usually form at a lower altitude than the Northern Lights, meaning that they can often block our view of these dancing lights. This means that to witness the Auroras clearly, you will need a sky clear of clouds. Before heading out on a Northern Light Tour, the tour operator will check the weather forecast to ensure conditions are right. If it is too cloudy, they will reschedule the tour.

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What's Included in a Northern Lights Tour

Included in a Northern Lights Tour is a trip outside into the countryside to hunt for the elusive Aurora Borealis. You will be picked up from either your accommodation or a designated pick-up location in a comfortable vehicle. We have a variety of Northern Lights Tours available. You can choose one with a car that suits your needs. This can be a minibus or a private super jeep, a large vehicle built to handle Iceland’s rough mountain roads. 

Your guide will look for a suitable spot where they’ll think the Northern Lights might appear. Both Traveo’s minibus tours and our super jeep tours will make sure to stop far away from crowded buses so that you will have complete privacy to enjoy the spectacular views. 

We recommend you dress in warm clothes as you will be standing outside in the cold winter months when witnessing the Northern Lights. However, onboard the vehicles are blankets you can use if you are feeling a little chilly. Many tours also offer a cup of hot chocolate to help you keep warm.

Northern Lights Tour will be postponed if conditions for the Auroras are not favourable. In the unfortunate event you embark on a tour and see no Northern Lights, you are free to go again another night. So make sure you book your Northern Lights Tour on the start of your holiday.

Frequently asked questions

The best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland is in the winter. You need complete darkness to witness the Auroras, and Iceland has the Midnight Sun and with it 24 hours of daylight in the summer. Most Northern Lights Tours depart late in the evening, from either 9 PM to 11 PM.

All of them! The Northern Lights can be seen all around the country, even in Reykjavík city (although they are not as bright due to interference from artificial light). 

If conditions are not favourable for the Northern Lights and the tour is cancelled, you can reschedule for another night. If you cannot make it another night, you will be refunded. 

Northern Lights Tours last for about 3-4 hours. 

When you book your tour, you will need to provide us with contact information so we can let you know if the conditions are right for a Northern Lights Tour.

Your guide can help you with your camera setting and help you take photos of the Northern Lights if you wish.

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