Whale Watching Tour from Húsavík

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Embark on an ocean adventure with this exciting Whale Watching tour from Húsavík town. This tour is a brilliant option for travellers in the North looking to discover the very best of Iceland’s incredible wildlife. 

Húsavík is often nicknamed the ‘Whale Watching Capital of Iceland’ (or Europe, in some cases) thanks to the many species of cetacean attracted to its bountiful feeding grounds. It was the first location in Iceland where whale watching tours began, on request of passing visitors. 

There are over twenty species that Icelandic coastal waters attract, including humpbacks, minkes, orcas and the mighty blue whale. That’s not to mention the harbour porpoises and white-beaked dolphins that are drawn into the fjord to feed. There is also a chance you will see an array of birdlife on your tour, including guillemots, arctic terns and, in the summer, the adorable Atlantic Puffin. What more could any nature-lover ask for? 

From your vantage point on deck, you will witness the incredible behaviour of these animals. You might spot whales breaching the water, slamming their tail fins, fluking and even spy-hopping. Whales and dolphins are incredibly intelligent mammals, so don’t be surprised to find these curious giants investigating your vessel from below. 

The wildlife is only half the experience, however. Throughout your journey, you will be surrounded by the dramatic beauty of Skjálfandi Bay. The area is beautiful with its many islands, surrounding mountainscapes, rolling green hillsides and black-sand shorelines. In short, you will witness some of the region’s most appealing landscapes from a unique, ocean-bound perspective.

Don’t hesitate to book this whale watching tour from Husavík today, and see for yourself the awe-inspiring animals that call this island home. 


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