Whale Watching From Ólafsvík Town on Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula


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Feb - Oct



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Take to the Arctic seas with this thrilling whale watching tour off the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, and discover for yourself the fantastic wildlife that calls Icelandic coastal waters their home. You and your travelling party will be departing from the charming town of Ólafsvík, known for its incredible views and coastlines.

Before boarding any one of these environmentally-friendly boats, you will first don a comfortable set of overalls to keep you warm throughout your trip. The ocean air can be chilly, regardless of the season, so make sure to bring along a warm hat, scarf and pair of gloves, as there is no indoor space on the boat.

When finally you set off, you will be blessed with dramatic views of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Your expert guide will happily provide exciting information about the area and offer valuable tips for spotting the whales. For instance, did you know that Killer Whales are more commonly seen off the Snæfellsnes Peninsula than anywhere else in Iceland?

You will scour the high seas for any sign of whales or dolphins from your position on deck. Perhaps a tail splash, a mist of water jetted from a blowhole, or birds circling nearby schools of fish? When finally you witness them, this close encounter fills you with a sense of awe and wonder that only nature can provide.

As you slowly approach these majestic creatures, you are sure to witness them breach the water, swimming directly beside and beneath the boat. It is possible that you might see any number of species, from Harbour Porpoises to Pilot Whales, Minkes or Humpbacks, and even more thrilling sightings like Orcas and Blue Whales. The summer seas abound with life in Iceland, and there is no telling what’s beneath the waves at any given time.

Any traveller looking to maximise their trip to Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula should consider this whale watching tour an essential part of their itinerary. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable marine experience by booking your family’s slot today.


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