Watch this ‘Lava Waterfall’ from Erupting Volcano [Video]

Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, a newly-formed ‘lava waterfall’ in West Iceland has enraptured visitors and locals. Read on for more.

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Most people are aware that Iceland is brimming with stunning waterfalls, many of which consist of meltwater from various glaciers around the country. 

Hike to Geldingadalur Active Volcano | Small Group Tour
Rivers of lava pour forth from Fagragdalsfjall volcano. Photo: Hike to Geldingadalur Active Volcano | Small Group Tour

Visitors to the Reykjanes peninsula, however, will discover a ‘waterfall’ that’s quite different from its counterparts. For one, the water has been traded in from lava, specifically that spewing from the recently active volcano, Fagradalsfjall.

Recording History in Iceland

Experienced hiker, Daníel Páll Jónasson, managed to record this natural phenomena during a recent trip to the site. Viewers can witness large amounts of lava hurling down the volcano’s slopes, creating an epic sight that appears directly inspired by fantasy and science-fiction. 

Make sure to check out the video for yourself below! 

As predicted, the footage has been of great interest to volcanologists from the University of Iceland, who are currently studying the eruption to better understand the island’s geology. Of course, the site has already inspired artists, filmmakers and musicians; for example, it was used as a video setting for the blues’ band Kaleo’s recent single, ‘Skinny’. 

Fagragdallsfjall can be found in Geldingadalur valley, approximately 30 kilometres from the capital city, Reykjavik. The volcano began erupting on March 19th 2021 following more than 40,000 earthquakes in the area. 

How has Fagragdalsfjall volcano changed?

While the site began as a 700-metre long open fissure, it transformed dramatically over the following months. Visitors today will likely observe a number of calderas as well as a growing lava field. If you’re planning on visiting soon, please follow all safety protocols as laid out by the search and rescue teams. 

The Fagragdalssfjall eruption marks the first volcanic activity of its kind on the Reykjanes Peninsula in over 800 years. Given how rare these dramatic geological events are, many travellers have gone out of their way to ensure they visit Iceland while the eruption is still in play. 

Discover the Iceland volcano yourself!

As it stands, scientists are unsure as to when the eruption will stop, with some claiming it could be a few weeks from now, while others argue we will not see it end in our lifetime. To make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to witness the volcano, make sure to check out our fantastic day-tour, Hike to Geldingadalur Volcano (Small Group) or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, this epic helicopter tour over the site.

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