Northern Lights Tours in Iceland

Add a mesmerizing Northern Lights adventure to your custom winter trip in Iceland. Northern Lights Tours offer a magical journey under the Arctic skies and are perfect for nature enthusiasts and dreamers alike.

Talk to your travel advisor if you want to chase the dancing Aurora Borealis on your dream vacation in Iceland.

About Northern Lights Tours in Iceland

The Northern Lights are a cosmic spectacle of physics and atmospheric dance! Adding a Northern Lights Tour to your custom winter holiday maximizes your chances of seeing them.

When charged particles from the sun collide with gases in Earth’s atmosphere, they release photons—the fundamental particles of light. These collisions, occurring high above the Arctic, create the mesmerizing hues of the auroras. 

To see these beautiful lights, you need both darkness and skies clear of clouds. Northern Lights Tours from Reykjavík or Akureyri offer an immersive experience of the aurora phenomena, blending scientific insights with the awe-inspiring beauty of the Arctic sky. 

Trained Northern Lights Guides monitor solar activity and cloud coverage and choose a time and place where the conditions are most favorable. If it’s too cloudy or there is not enough solar activity, the tour will not go ahead so as not to waste anyone’s precious time in Iceland. In those cases, participants will receive a refund or a chance to reschedule their tour.

Once on a tour, you’ll be taken away from the bright city lights and into the dark countryside. The guides will provide you with interesting facts about the auroras, help you photograph them, and give you blankets and hot chocolate should you be cold.

Read more about the Northern Lights Here.

What's Included in a Northern Lights Tour

There are many different types of Northern Lights Tours, including coach bus tours, small-group minibus tours, private super-jeep tours, and Northern Lights cruises. Their main difference is the mode of transportation that takes you away from the bright city lights. 

All Northern Lights Tours include:

  • A trip away from light pollution
  • English-speaking guide
  • Another tour if there are no sightings
  • Free-Wif on board the vehicle
  • Hotel or bus stop pick up and drop off (except for Northern Lights Cruises)
  • Photography assistance
  • Use of a blanket (except on coach tours)
  • Hot chocolate or other types of beverages (except on coach tours)

Talk to your travel advisor if you have any special requests for your Northern Lights adventure.

Northern Lights over icebergs at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland.

Small-Group Northern Lights Tours

Small-group Northern Lights tours in Iceland offer a personalized and intimate experience that enhances the thrill of witnessing the elusive auroras. 

Traveling in a comfortable minibus ensures a cozy journey, allowing passengers to focus on the celestial spectacle rather than discomfort. In addition, the minibus can reach places larger coach buses simply cannot, thus providing more options for seeing the beautiful auroras and better chances of avoiding large crowds from other coach buses.

Depending on the tour provider, the maximum group size on these tours is between 12 and 16 people. The limited group size guarantees more one-on-one interaction with the knowledgeable guide, providing a deeper understanding of the natural phenomenon and the surrounding landscape. This increased attention fosters a richer educational experience. 

Furthermore, the small size allows for flexibility in the itinerary, enabling the group to chase optimal viewing conditions maximizing the chances of catching the Northern Lights at their mesmerizing best.

Private Northern Lights Super-Jeep Tours

Private Northern Lights Super-Jeep Tours elevate the aurora-chasing experience to unparalleled levels of exclusivity and adventure in Iceland. 

Riding in a rugged yet comfortable Super-Jeep, customized for off-road exploration, ensures access to remote and untouched locations far from the city lights. With a dedicated driver guide, travelers receive undivided attention, deepening their understanding of the Northern Lights and Icelandic folklore. 

This private setting allows for a personalized itinerary, tailored to individual preferences and optimal weather conditions. It also provides more flexibility, enabling spontaneous detours that will help create a unique and unforgettable adventure under the dancing hues of the auroras.

Northern Lights Boat Tours

Northern Lights Boat Tours in Iceland offer a captivating twist to the aurora-viewing experience. Sailing away from city lights provides an unobstructed panoramic view of the dancing auroras in the winter sky.

Unlike the Northern Lights Tours on land, boat tours don’t start with a hotel pick-up. Rather, you’ll meet your crew at the harbor, where you’ll board a vessel that will take you out onto the open ocean. With expert guides onboard, passengers gain insights into the science and mythology behind the auroras.

These nautical excursions combine the thrill of chasing the Northern Lights with the tranquility of open waters. The gentle rocking of the boat adds to the immersive ambiance, creating a serene and magical atmosphere.

Northern Lights over the black church of Búðarkirkja on Iceland's Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

Northern Lights Coach Bus Tours

Northern Lights Coach Tours in Iceland provide an affordable option for experiencing the mesmerizing auroras. While catering to budget-conscious travelers, these tours typically involve larger groups and standard coach transportation. 

While lacking the intimacy of smaller options, they still offer a chance to witness the Northern Lights in all their glory. However, the trade-off lies in reduced flexibility, as the fixed itineraries and larger group sizes may limit the ability to explore off-the-beaten-path locations. 

Nevertheless, for those seeking a cost-effective introduction to the enchanting world of the Northern Lights, coach tours offer an accessible and convenient option.

Northern Lights Combo Adventures

Enhance your Icelandic adventure by combining Northern Lights tours with a variety of exhilarating experiences. 

Pair your aurora chase with the wonders of the Golden Circle or South Coast on sightseeing tours, exploring iconic landmarks like Gullfoss Waterfall or Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Alternatively, embark on a whale-watching odyssey, venture off-road with buggy tours, or luxuriate in the soothing waters of geothermal spas like the Blue Lagoon or Fontana. 

For photography enthusiasts, specialized Northern Lights photography tours offer expert guidance to capture the celestial display in all its glory. 

Mix and match these tours to create a bespoke Icelandic journey, weaving together natural wonders and thrilling activities under the Arctic night sky.

Frequently asked questions

The best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland is during the winter months, from September to March when the nights are the longest and darkest.

The Northern Lights can be seen throughout the country. Geographically, the lights are not stronger in a particular part of the country, so it does not matter whether you are in North, South, East, or West Iceland. What’s most important is staying away from light pollution, which is easier to do in the countryside.

While it is possible to see the Northern Lights in Reykjavík, the city’s light pollution can sometimes hinder visibility. For the best experience, it’s recommended to venture to darker, more remote areas.

Most tour operators offer alternatives like rescheduling or refunds if a Northern Lights tour is canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions or insufficient aurora activity.

Northern Lights tours on land typically last for about 3 to 4 hours. This allows sufficient time for travel to optimal viewing locations, observing the auroras, and returning to the starting point. Northern Lights cruises last between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.

Tour operators usually confirm whether a Northern Lights tour will proceed on the scheduled night a few hours before departure. This information is based on up-to-date weather forecasts and aurora activity predictions. Travelers are often notified via email or phone about the status of their tour, so make sure you check your messages.

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Here at Traveo, we believe that your time on holiday in Iceland is valuable. Thankfully, all the exciting tours and excursions listed on our site are handpicked by local Iceland experts, ensuring one’s time here is maximised with only the very best experiences. 


20. September, 2023.
Traveling to Iceland Stress-Free We just went on a 12 days trip to Iceland made easier thanks to Traveo! We aren't experienced travelers and weren't sure what to see and what to do, there's many amazing things in Iceland and we didn't know what should make the list. Traveo took the stress out of figuring things out where all we had to do was drive to the next destination and decide where to eat that day. Jonathan worked with us to find accommodations and activities that met our budget and what we wanted to see/do. He patiently answered all questions we had leading up to the trip and checked in with us when we arrived and when we got back home. We didn't need to call but he made sure we had everything we needed and gave us his contact info if needed even though he was away himself on vacation. One cool thing is the app Traveo uses for your itinerary, it made things easier with how it lists all activities and destinations on every day of your trip with a section for the accomodations and a Navigate button to bring you to Google maps for each item. Thank you so much again to Jonathan and his team at Traveo for helping us make amazing memories and fill up our online storage with photos!
Roger C
Roger C
11. September, 2023.
Just go and see for yourself. So much to see of such an awe inspiring country.If you are interested in Geology a visit is a must.All accommodation and food were first rate.Icelanders are very friendly and proud of what they have got.No litter anywhere!Will definitely go again.Roger and Sheila Calvert.
29. August, 2023.
A superb holiday, brilliantly organised! My 14-year-old son and I have just spent the most amazing 9 days on a self-drive trip organised by Omar. It was utterly wonderful! Iceland offers breathtaking experiences every day and we went whale watching, dropped down inside a volcano and travelled into a glacier. Throw in excursions on a snowmobile and an ATV, plus the most spectacular scenery of waterfalls and canyons and it all adds up to an unforgetable holiday that was brilliantly planned and ran as smoothly as we could have wished for. Thanks again to Omar and his team and we highly recommend Traveo to anyone considering a holiday to this incredible country!
27. August, 2023.
Very professional organisation Just came back from an amazing trip to Iceland that was perfectly organised by Jonathan! Half a year before the trip Jonathan and I had a Zoom call in which we talked about options and the costs of them. The first draft of the trip (an organised tour with personalised extensions) was already spot-on. With a great balance between lots of experiences and the budget I had. My teenage boys loved the being active in this country! Iceland is such an amazing place but very expensive. So it paid off to have someone help me make the most of my budget. Thank you Jonathan for designing this trip!
Anjelica M
Anjelica M
24. August, 2023.
Great itinerary and trip! My friends and I had an excellent trip planned by Omar. Whenever we had questions, or may have missed one of our busses, he was available to help and coordinate to get us back on track. 10/10!
20. August, 2023.
Excellent and memorable trip planned by Traveo Jonathan was an incredible help for our trip planning this summer to Iceland. He was always available to answer our questions and was knowledgeable about the different areas to visit. He booked us wonderful overnight accommodations and fabulous tours. Highly recommend Jonathan and his team if you are traveling to Iceland!
Anke d
Anke d
17. August, 2023.
Fantastisch! We hebben een fantastische vakantie gehad in IJsland! Het contact met de lokale reisagent verliep prettig en vlot via de chat van Evaneos. De reis is aangepast op wat we graag wilden doen. In de app vind je alle details van de reis. De gidsen zijn allemaal even vriendelijk en vertellen vol trots over hun prachtige land. Het is een onvergetelijke reis geworden!
Tom P
Tom P
16. August, 2023.
Excellent. Highly recommend! We did a 4 day self-driving trip organized by Traveo. Jonathan set out a detailed itinerary for us that we followed to the letter. It was a perfectly planned trip that had great accommodations, and the itinerary was slightly customized for our preferences. Everything from hotels to car to sights all went as planned without any issues. Saved us so much time planning ourselves and was an amazing trip! Jonathan checked in with us prior to the trip, on arrival, during the trip, and after! We had no issues at all but was comforting to know he was available if needed.
Alexandra C
Alexandra C
16. August, 2023.
Amazing trip thanks to Traveo! Dream trip organised in a wonderful way by Traveo! Jonathan suggested an amazing and tailored itinerary, had great tips and recommendations on each stops and was available throughout our trip for last minute questions or help, which was very reassuring. I couldn’t recommend more!
9. August, 2023.
Highly recommend Everything was perfect with this trip! Jonathan planned everything out perfectly with tours and hotels. Highly recommend his services. Sent me all information including navigation in an app that made it super easy to follow Definitely recommend!!

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