1 Hour ATV Ride at Hallormsstadur Forest in East Iceland


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Experience the back trails of East Iceland’s beautiful national forest, Hallormsstaður, with this adrenaline-packed All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) tour. Neither thrill-seekers nor nature-lovers will want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity exploring one of the country’s prettiest sites in style. 

After arriving at base camp in the forest, you will be introduced to both your guide and the All-Terrain Vehicle itself. Having learnt the vehicle’s easy controls, you will adorn an oversuit, gloves and helmet, then speed off into the lush and vibrant woodlands of Hallormsstaður, Iceland’s largest forest.

Iceland is not known for its sprawling forests, being a mostly volcanic and moss-laden country. This makes Hallormsstaður something of a novel attraction itself, with its tall pine trees laying waste to that old Icelandic joke; ‘If you find yourself lost in a forest in Iceland, what do you do?’ ‘Just stand up!’

Quite quickly, you’ll realise the reasons behind the oversuit; mud and water slosh high as you accelerate the ATV through glacial creeks and up rocky trails. Thankfully, this vehicle is built for conquering challenging terrain, providing the means for its rider—you!—to seek out corners of the forest rarely seen by travelling guests. 

En route, your experienced ATV guide will make stops at several interesting and remote regions. Your guide will take the time to explain to you a little about the local area’s history, as well as allowing you ample opportunity to revel in the sights. 

You will pass the blue waters of Lake Lagarfljót, which some say is home to a monstrous creature known as The Wyrm, and see countless scenic hillsides and mountains. 

Don’t miss out on the excitement of discovering Hallormsstaður forest from the saddle of your own ATV. Book now to secure your place on this fast and furious excursion in East Iceland.


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