Small-Group Northern Lights Minibus Tour from Reykjavík


4-5 Hours


Aug 25 - Apr 15



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No Age Limit


Experience the beauty of the Icelandic nature this winter and go hunt for the elusive Aurora Borealis. This fantastic minibus tour is perfect for those looking for an unforgettable experience during their winter holiday in the land of ice and fire.

The wintertime in Iceland means snow-capped mountains, warm, woollen jumpers, and dark skies which are illuminated by the neon-bright colours of the Auroras. On this tour, your guide will pick you up in Reykjavík and whisk you away from the bright city lights, to the best place to experience this celestial wonder.

The minibus is not only cosy and comfortable, seating no more than 19 people; it also comes equipped with free wifi. This means that you’ll be able to upload any great Northern Lights photos straight onto your social media after the tour. 

Your guide will drive you to a good viewing spot to witness the lights dancing across the evening sky. You’ll be standing outside in the Icelandic winter weather, so make sure you wear something warm. For extra comfort, your guide will have woollen blankets if you’d like to wrap one around you. 

What could make this fantastic experience even better? Hot chocolate! Your guide will bring out mugs filled with this warm beverage as well as an Icelandic pastry called “kleina”. You will then be able to keep warm while enjoying the beautiful natural display of the Northern Lights. 

The Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon, a result of solar particles hitting the Earth’s atmosphere. Before each tour, your guide will check out the Aurora forecast to see if the likelihood of sightings is good. They will also check to see if the sky is clear of clouds which otherwise would obstruct your view. 

If conditions are favourable, the tour will set out in the evening. However, nature is fickle, and if there are no sightings during your trip, you are free to join it again another night. So make sure to book this tour for the first days of your holiday in Iceland. 

Join this excellent minibus Northern Lights tour and experience the Icelandic nature at its finest. Book now to secure your spot.


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