ON Geothermal Exhibition: Harnessing Green Energy in Iceland


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Learn all there is to know about Iceland’s use of geothermal energy with a self-guided audio tour of the Hellisheiði ON exhibition in South Iceland. This power plant makes an excellent stop for eco-friendly travellers looking to support green travel incentives, as well as anyone else fascinated by this country’s unique approach to harnessing energy.

The exhibition is located at the country’s largest single-site geothermal power plant, Hellisheiði, owned by ON Power. It, therefore, provides firsthand knowledge of how Iceland continues to be a pioneer of sustainable energy around the globe.

The power plant is situated in a lava field at the base of the mighty Mount Hengill, which is approximately 25 kilometres from Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík. It is also only a short drive from Þingvellir National Park, making it a great stop for those about to embark on a Golden Circle tour.

On approach to the power plant, you will notice large, white columns of fumes rising from the earth. Though you would be forgiven for believing this was smoke, it is actually 99.63% pure steam (H2O), adding considerable drama to the already mesmerising surrounding landscape.

Before arriving, you will have secured an audio-led tour, lending independence to your visit. Audio tours allow for a more in-depth, personal exploration of the ins-and-outs of utilising geothermal energy, as well as provide the means for setting your own pace.

At the exhibition yourself, you will see the enormous steel machinery that makes harnessing geothermal energy possible, as well as how said tools are used in practice. Thankfully, informative displays throughout the exhibition provide a fascinating overview of these machines are utilised on a day-to-day level.

All of this leaves us with just one question; can you handle the heat? Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn about the many ways that Iceland uses geothermal energy at Hellisheiði Power Plant. Book your guided tour today.


Not included

  • Transportation to and from the power plant
  • Meals and refreshments

Good to know

  • Children under 12 can enter free under the watch of a guardian
  • All parts of the exhibition are wheelchair accessible.
  • The audio guide is available to download as an app, so we recommend bringing a SmartPhone and headphones.
  • There is a cafe on site that offers a variety of drinks and snacks.

What to bring

  • Your SmartPhone
  • Headphones

From 2,190 kr. /pp.

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