2-Day Small-Group Tour | South Coast, Glacier Lagoon, Ice Cave & Northern Lights


2 days


Oct - Mar


Easy to Moderate

Minimum Age

8 Years for ice caving


Explore South Iceland in the winter, discovering stunning waterfalls, glittering ice caves, and black sand beaches. This fantastic minibus tour is an excellent option for those on holiday in Iceland who are looking to fill two days with frozen beauty and adventure.

On this tour, you’ll be picked up at or near your accommodation in Reykjavík City. You’ll then travel on route no. 1, the Ring Road, across Iceland to the Southwest corner of the country where you will spend a night in the beautiful Vatnajökull National Park. En route, you’ll explore waterfalls, black sand beaches, and inside an authentic ice cave. 

Aside from pick up in Reykjavík and a fun-filled sightseeing trip, this tour includes one night at a country hotel with a private bathroom and a complimentary breakfast in the morning. Also included is an ice caving tour with a trained glacier guide and the use of all glacier gear needed for that excursion. 

This 2-day tour operates in the winter, meaning that you’ll have the opportunity to hunt for the Northern Lights after the sun sets in the evening. Your accommodation is in a prime location for spotting the beautiful Auroras, and your guide will let you know if conditions are favourable. 

Discover the beauty of Iceland in the wintertime with this small-group 2-day tour. Book now to secure your spot.


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Your adventure begins in the morning when your friendly, local guide picks you up in a small but comfortable minibus. You’ll then be whisked away from the city’s hustle and bustle and into the quiet countryside of South Iceland.

Your first stop is at Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, a narrow but high cascade which tumbles over 62-metre cliffs into a small basin of water below. Though beautiful in the summer, this waterfall is even more impressive in the winter when it’s surrounded by icicles glistening in the low sunlight. 

Your next stop is another waterfall, Skógafoss. Though it falls from a similar height, this impressive feature is much more powerful than its cousin, Seljalandsfoss. You are sure to hear the thundering noise as the water plummets to the ground as soon as you step out of the minibus. The water drops down onto very flat land, which means you can walk very close to the waterfall for some unique photos. 

From the waterfalls, you’ll travel to Vatnajökull National Park, home of Europe’s largest glacier. Accompanied by a trained glacier guide, you’ll strap on crampons and a helmet for an exciting adventure: exploring an authentic ice cave. Inside the cave, you’ll see countless air bubbles trapped in the walls and strangely shaped ice sculptures, all in different shades of blue. Make sure to keep your camera on hand to capture how the light bounces off the glittering cave walls. 

At the end of the day, you’ll head to your accommodation in the area. Your guide will let you know if conditions are right for hunting the elusive Northern Lights. The sky needs to be clear of clouds, and you need total darkness. Thankfully, your hotel is located far from bright city lights, providing optimal conditions for spotting the beautiful Auroras.

You’ll start the day with a complimentary breakfast at your hotel in Southwest Iceland. Afterwards, you’ll hop aboard the minibus to continue your adventure. Your first stop today is at the gorgeous Jökulárlón Glacier Lagoon. 

Here, icebergs which have broken off a nearby glacier float on a serene lake before making their way to the open ocean. The bergs come in all shapes and sizes and in colours ranging from deep blue to pure white. In between them, one can often see seals swimming and playing in the water. 

Next to the lake is a stretch of black sand beach where chunks of the icebergs sometimes wash up onshore. When the sunlight hits them, they look like precious gemstones, which is how the beach has earned its nickname: ‘Diamond Beach’. 

You’ll then continue to another black sand beach, Reynisfjara. This hauntingly beautiful stretch of shoreline is much bigger than the Diamond Beach and has more powerful waves. That is because there is no landmass between Reynisfjara and the Antarctic! The waves come crashing on both the shore and the massive rock stacks Reynisdrangar which protrude from the ocean like petrified trolls.

You will then reach Reykjavík in the late afternoon or early evening, and your guide will drop you off at or near your accommodation in the city.

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