Small Group Northern Lights Hunt in a Minibus


4 Hours


Sep - Mar



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Head into the wild Icelandic nature this winter to see the spectacular beauty of the Northern Lights. This fantastic minibus tour will provide you with a small-group experience and excellent guidance when witnessing this astronomical phenomenon.

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a natural phenomenon that can only be witnessed in the northern hemisphere and only at night when the sky is dark. Thankfully, Iceland has plenty of darkness during its winter months.

The tour starts in the evening when your professional guide picks you up from Reykjavík. You’ll travel in a small but comfortable minibus with no more than 17 other people on board.

Your friendly guide will take you away from the city’s bright lights and into the countryside. They will check the Aurora forecast before the tour to find out which places will be free of clouds that could otherwise obscure your view.

En route, you’ll learn more about these elusive, dancing lights. Your guide will tell you how they are formed by solar winds and what folklore is linked to them. They will also provide you with tips and tricks on photographing the beautiful Auroras.

When the guide finds the perfect spot, you’ll leave the cosy minibus to see the bright and active lights travel across the night sky in an elegant dance. Then, you’ll stay outside for a while, enjoying this beautiful celestial display and perhaps taking a few photos on your phone or camera.

Just make sure you wrap up; this is, after all, Iceland in the winter. To help you keep warm, your guide will give you a cup of hot chocolate, and you are also free to go back on the bus for warmth.

Experience one of nature’s most spectacular wonders on this Northern Lights minibus hunt. Book now to secure your spot on this amazing adventure.


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