Icelandic Park Service: ‘It’s a Volcano, not a Trash Can’

Svanhildur Sif Halldórsdóttir

Svanhildur Sif Halldórsdóttir

The Icelandic Park Services have issued a warning to all visitors to the Fagradalsfjall Volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula. They are asking people to stop throwing items into the crater as it destroys the natural appeal of the volcano.

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New evidence presented to the Icelandic parliament appears to show both locals and visitors using the volcano’s lava flow to dispose of unwanted household items. 

A pan on a lava in Iceland
Photo: Youtube

“Frankly, this whole situation feels like a joke,” said Head of Icelandic Park Services, Sigrún Eddudóttir. “The notion that people would throw their unwanted items into a volcano as a way of getting rid of them is absurd! This is a Volcano, not a trash can.”

Yet, this is the situation today. The Park Service is asking people to stop throwing items into the crater, be it washing machines, used diapers or magical rings.

Throwing Things in a Volcano is not Environmentally Friendly

Tourists in front of an erupting volcano in Iceland.
Photo: Jesús Rodríguez Fernández via Flickr

Though it might seem like a harmless idea to chuck stuff into a volcano, scientists disagree. According to volcanologist Dr. Lovísa Halldórsdóttir, though the lava erupting from the volcano is extremely hot, it cannot melt everything. 

There are materials that are too lightweight to sink into the headed magma, and they float atop the viscous lava, creating a layer of lost memories and broken dreams. Whatever does not vanish into plumes of smoke, will layer the surrounding Icelandic landscape and contaminate the soil. 

Hot dogs cooking on a lava in Iceland
Photo: Youtube

It is the sight of these floating items that are destroying the scenery around the volcano. People come from all over to witness one of nature’s wonders and are left disappointed by these signs of human interference.

Visitors From All Over to Visit Iceland Volcano

According to the Reykjanes Peninsula chief of police, Ársæll Erlingsson, there has been a number of visitors, largely from the small village of Bishop’s Waltham in England. They have been caught throwing fruits and vegetables into the crater to “appease the gods”. 

Among the group have been spotted prominent members of the media and parliament, though photographers were unable to capture snapshots given their long hooded cloaks.

Items floating in lava
Photo: Nanna Gunnars Stefán B. Stefáns

Erlingsson also stated that he arrested three, short men when they made a scene while trying to throw a “magical ring” into the volcano. Erlingsson tried to have a conversation with the men but they were busy arguing as two of them seemed to want to throw the ring into the lava while the other one mumbled something about “his precious”.

The Icelandic police also stopped a small group of people trying to throw a life-sized doll into the volcano. When questioned, the people said their plan was to sacrifice a virgin to the volcano but had a hard time finding one in Iceland.

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